SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is one of the fastest growing formats in the country and around the world. Using specialized yoga paddleboards, we'll build a sequence that challenges your practice (and your balance!) and connects you with nature, all leading to a sweet floating savasana.

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Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding

Not ready to try SUP Yoga? Or more interested in just paddling around? Choose this hour long class for the paddling basics and a leisurely paddle around Gray's Lake or Big Creek State Park.

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Vinyasa / Power Yoga:

The most popular and widespread format combines vigorous movement that builds heat in the body and challenges you. These flows ramp up to a peak posture.

Accessible for all levels: Modifications for beginners and up-levels for advanced yogis.


Gentle Flow Vinyasa

Structured the same as vinyasa / power yoga, but a slower, simpler flow that's easier on joints. Best for beginners, seniors, and pre-natal students.


Beer Yoga:

While beer yoga is a vinyasa flow, you are actually holding/drinking a beer during the sequence so extra modifications are given. Generally, a simpler flow and more about the beer and community than yoga. Perfect for corporate / team events! (21+, obviously)


Restorative Yoga:

The 'low and slow' of the yoga world. This non-heated class holds postures from 3-8 minutes (seated or supine) to engage the connective tissue and fascia between the muscles in our bodies. Blocks, blankets, and bolsters can be used for modifications.


Yoga Sculpt:

This high energy class combines a simple yoga flow with challenging HIIT exercises done with hand weights. Cardio bursts throughout class keep your heart pumping and your body guessing.